The One Ring

Adventure Through the Marshes

Early Spring 2946

Aldis son of Aldrif , Folkvar the Tall, Valkor the Swift, and Darcyn the Hunter were summoned by Gloin and asked to accompany Balin and his two companions, the brothers Barrak and Torrun, to take a message to the Eagles asking them to attend the reunion of the Battle of the Five Armies. After meeting with Balin, the company made their way to the edge of the lakes where boats were hired for the journey through the Long Marshes to the Old Forest Road.

Along the way the company was stopped by a group of elves who asked what business the company had traveling through these blighted lands. While the discussion did not go as well as planned, Aldis told the truth and the elves left them to their business. They also encountered a troll that was quickly dispatched due to him already being injured.

Further down the river the company discovered a boat that had been sunk by what looked like a hull that had been crushed by a rock. After finding nothing useful besides a couple of track the company decided to move on with their current mission.

That night Valkor decided to take on his bear form and go back up the river to take a closer look at the tracks. After following them to the ruins of an ancient city, he was transfixed by the sound of a bell and pulled into an ancient building buried under the lake and trapped.

The company found Valkor the next morning unable to wake up with a sense of evil over him. The company, knowing of his nightly venture, decided to back track to where the sunken boat was to see what they could find. The dwarves decided to keep on the mission, however, and the company left Valkor’s body in their care.

After following the tracks, the company discovered that the former occupant of the boat had been the one to injure the troll that they encountered previously. After continuing to follow the tracks, they came upon the same lake as Valkor, but were not enchanted by the bell. The company made their way down to the underground building where they found Valkor still in bear form and a great amount of treasure. A vast ammount of marsh dwellers were guarding over it and the company decided to retreat. Darcyn shot an arrow at the marsh dwellers and they charged. Folkvar tried to cover the retreat but was quickly overwhelmed by the ammount of marsh dwellers. Darcyn was able to grab Folkvar while Valkor braced the door allowing the rest to retreat.

The rest of the company was able to make it back up to the surface with an unconscious Folkvar. Valkor eventually tried to make a run for it but the marsh dwellers caught up to him and his spirit bear was returned to his body where he woke up at the entrance to Mirkwood at the Old Forest Road.


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