The One Ring

Return for the Treasure

Summer 2946

The company, minus the dwarf and the trader, decided to go back the the marsh dwellers cave and get the treasure. Now that they knew what they were up against they thought they had a fighting chance to get it. Since they were down two companions, they decided to ask a couple of Beorning to come along with them. They were names Odo the loyal and [I cant remember his name of the top of my head but he had a big black beard].

The return journey through Mirkwood was uneventful for the most part until one night the group had some of their treasure stolen from them! Darcyn the Hunter was able to find tracks of some creature. Darcyn the Hunter and Berilac Burrows followed the tracks back to an old abandoned tower. Berilac Burrows went into the tower and stealthily searched the tower and found it empty. Before he could leave a group of goblins returned to the tower and Darcyn was unable to warn Berilac.

Darcyn sent his dog back to warn Aldis son of Aldrif and Valkor the Swift. They got the message and went to the tower and quickly as they could. The hobbit was able to stay hidden the whole time waiting for help to come. The rest of the company, knowing they out-manned the goblins inside, charged in and quickly slayed the goblins. Berilac was able to recover some of the treasure and return it to the company.

Making the company made their way back to the marsh dwellers cave, but the bell caused the Black Beard to go crazy and run inside. When the rest of the companions made it down they found the Beorning a little reluctant to continue in. Down in the treasure cave the same marsh dwellers were found and the company soon made a plan to get rid of them. After a fierce fight of funneling the marsh dwellers down the corridor, the company was victorious and the treasure was theirs.


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