Darcyn the Hunter

Woodman of Wilderland


Cultural Blessing: Woodcrafty

Calling: Wanderer
Shadow weakness: Wandering Madness

Valour 1 Wisdom 2

Specialties: Beast Lore, Mirkwood lore, Fold Lore
Distinctive features: Gruff, Hardy

Body: 3^6 Heart: 4^5 Wits 7^9

Awe 0 Inspire 1 Persuade 0
Athletics 2 Travel 1 Stealth 2
Awareness 2 Insight 0 Search 1
Explore 3 F Healing 3 F Hunting 3 F
Song 1 Courtesy 0 Riddle 1 F
Craft 1 Battle 1 Lore 0

(bows) 3 Long hafted Axe 1 Dagger 1

Virtues: Hound of Mirkwood

Damage: Parry:7 Armour 2d

Great Bow
Long Hafted Axe

Leather Corslet

Endurance 24
Fatigue 19
Hope 14


Grew up in a family of successful dog breeders in the woodland hall. The dogs that have been breed have been used by most of the hunters in the area. I have always enjoyed hunting and adventuring and not staying around the hall so I took the dog that has been my friend since birth and gone out wandering the realm.

Darcyn the Hunter

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