Haines Saeloson

Trader of unique goods


Standard of living: Prosperous
Cultural blessing: Tenacious
Calling Treasure hunter
Shadow weakness: dragon sickness

Valour 1 Wisdom 2

Specialties: Boating, Trading, Burglary
Distinctive features:Clever, elusive

Body:5 8 Heart 5 6 : Wits 4 6
Awe 2F Inspire 0 Persuade 2
Athletics 2 F Travel 2 Stealth 1
Awareness 2 Insight 2 Search 0
Explore 1 healing 2 hunting 0
song 2 Courtesy 2 Riddle 2
Craft 2 Battle 1 Lore 0

Great Bow 2 F sword 2 Dagger 1

Virtues: Merchant Prince

Damage: Parry:4+2 Armour 2d

Endurance 27
Fatigue 16
Hope 13


My Father Saelo is a wealthy Merchant of lake town and once Smaug was slain and the economy set to rights he began to make constant trips to Gondor and other far lands to trade, and since he was often gone he left his business in lake town to me. I would say I have had moderate success especially when it comes to expanding my fathers clientele and finding more unique pieces of merchandise for trade. I am going adventuring in order to expand my clientele past the area of the long lake.

Haines Saeloson

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