Tips for being a better player

1. Have a Backstory: It doesn’t have to be expansive a paragraph is usually enough to let everyone know the feel of your character. Like a list of characters for a play it should let everyone know your character’s premise.

2. Improvise: Have your character ocassionally act on impulse and let the ramifications come. It surprises a GM and your fellow PCs and it keeps things fresh.

3. Now It’s Personal: Grow attached to things. PCs naming their +2 returning Javelin “Diplomacy” adds a lot of flavor to simple things. Also if the same setting is ever revisited at a later time finding a relic from your past adventures is a lot of fun.

4. Be Quirky: Give your charecter flaws. And not just the suggested ones for bonus feats. Make your Monk OCD and spend ten minutes trying to organize the tomb of a Chaotic Evil guy. Have fun with it. Other PCs will laugh or hilariously try and stop you. Fun for all.

5. Keep it Simple Stupid: Don’t make the GM dig through pages of rules for your actions. If the GM simplifies something deal with it rather than attempt rules lawyering. Speeds up play prevents you from time hogging and will make more time for fun.

6. Stay on Track: The first sidequest is awesome, the sidequest from that sidequest is questionable, after that its too much.

7. He Tasks Me: Choose someone you hate. Don’t let other PCs know, pick an enemy and figure out why you loathe them.

8. Keep Secrets: Pass notes to the GM. Collude with another player. Make sure people pay attention to your character. (Don’t hog the Spotlight though)

9. Stay on the Rails: The GM probably has something awesome planned. And the rails are not nessecarily bad.

10. Go off the Rails: The GM will be impressed and flustered the encounter will be more fun as its improvised and you shape the villian’s plans as much as the GM making a fun exercise in team storytelling. Don’t forget to have fun along the way.

Tips for being a better player

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